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Faire.World Contributors

Rafid Al Zahur


Rafid Al Zahur is a Bangladeshi Photographer, Writer, and Startup guy. As a Photographer, Rafid worked with WPO, National Geographic and has won many national and international awards. His main area of work is the conveyance and expression of his feelings through his photographs––and in a way that can help better the community.  He is the Co-founder of WALK Bangladesh, an innovative, experience-based online travel solution platform.

Holly Buttrey


Holly writes on global issues and development for Faire.World’s Content Team. As a master’s degree candidate in Global Policy Studies at the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas at Austin, she’s interested in women’s health, education policy, and Mexican security. Before graduate school, Holly researched Marmota caligata in Atlin, British Columbia, studied hip-hop music in Havana, Cuba, and investigated street performance in Lima, Peru. Holly is originally from Vermont but moved to Austin from Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Pramod Saha


Pramod Saha is a photographic storyteller for Faire.World. As an alumnus of Xavier’s Institute of Communications, he is passionate about travel and photography. For him, photography is more than a craft to master, but a means for self-expression. In his work, he expresses himself, his perception of his environment, as well as his mind and mood–encapsulated through his medium. He is currently working as a producer with a media production house in a heritage city in India.

Hudson Diaz


Hudson writes on various topics relating to fair and ethical trade for Faire.World’s content team. He recently graduated from Tulane University with a BA in English and minors in Social Innovation/Social Entrepreneurship and Latin American Studies. He is interested in the concepts of ethically-driven entrepreneurship and the creation of a culture that actively promotes sustainability. Hudson is originally from Redding, Connecticut, and now lives in Austin, Texas.

Luke Jelleyman


Luke writes on environmental conservation and international trade for Faire.World’s Content Team, and is interested in corporate sustainability careers. He studies Geography at the University of Oxford, where he’s contributed articles to the Oxford Climate Society and the UNICEF on-Campus Ambassador Scheme. His hometown is London, England, where issues like rampant fast fashion stores and air pollution have made him more eager to contribute to positive environmental change.

Elliot Stahr


Elliot writes on various Fair Trade topics and related issues for Faire.World. A newcomer to ethical trade and sustainability, he’s excited draw on his journalism background in explaining the complex issues related to Fair Trade to a wider audience. He studies history and philosophy at Rice University in Houston, Texas, and serves as Assistant News Editor for The Rice Thresher. Elliot is originally from Santa Ana, California.

Carolina Ferraro


Originally from Genoa, Italy, Carolina is a student based in Milan, at the European Institute of Design where she studies fashion communication, consumer behavior, and brand strategies. She writes travel blogs and shoots photo collections for Faire.World, focused on exploring new cultures around the globe. She’s done volunteer work and traveled in Peru, Cuba, the U.S., and is currently based in Vietnam. She hopes to raise awareness about the human problems in the fashion industry and help give workers a voice.

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